News…. 2021

Veiled Decline was Finalist in the Wyndham Art Prize, and Finalist in the Ravenswood Womens Art prize

Veiled Decline from the Muted Beauty Series :   considerations of  beauty during this year of Coronavirus and isolation.

The works provide a metaphor for how beauty continues. Beauty still exists around us, but is unable to resonate loudly, it is still there albeit in a quieter, gentler way,  and at times faded and declining as our immediate world seems smaller, narrower, receding to the background against a tide of change, challenges and impacts.

Yet it will continue, gradually the whisper will have a louder voice, its protest against our loneliness a voice that echoes more silently in these times. The steadfast presence allows for comfort as it accompanies our journey.


News …. 2018

Finalist in the  2018 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award . (Exhibition September 2018)





 Finalist  in the MGA Foundation William & Winifred Bowness 2017 Photography Prize. (Monash Gallery of Art) 

`Poppies  I` is from the series ‘Vanitas revisited’, this  new series considers the beauty and fragile transience of life and memories. Mirroring the gentle shadow and ethereal inevitability of decline, the series of floral images capture the temporal nature of life – in a painterly style.   

My approach in this series was influenced by 17th-century Dutch still-life paintings. The imagery explores and celebrates the soulful nature and wonder of our lives.


Elaine Batton Southside


Finalist in the  2016 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award .

Finalist in the MGA Foundation William & Winifred Bowness 2016 Photography Prize. (Monash Gallery of Art) 

Southside’ is from the series Traveller or tourist? which explores travel with imagery that seeks to engage and transport the viewer. A painterly landscape that expands on travelling as it mixes with exploration of light, emotion, past travels and art. The use of bold colour and contrasts combines to add depth to the whole composition. This interweaving of scenes from a mountain region on the south side of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, celebrates beauty that is timeless and ageless’.

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